N4 Construction successfully completed the Line 3D Project – Isolation, Segmentation and Railway Fill (the “Project”) in partnership with Enbridge. 

The Project saw the decommissioning of a large pipeline that has been used to transport oil from Edmonton to the United States. Métis N4 worked on the decommissioning of this pipeline from the Saskatchewan border down to Gretna, MB, which is located along the Canada-US border, south of Altona. 

The Project took an accumulated 24,815 person-hours and was completed ahead of schedule. More impressively, this feat was also accomplished without a single injury incident. 

“This is truly a remarkable achievement and speaks to the level of care and skill that Métis N4 and its employees bring to the table,” said Jack Park, Chairman of Métis N4 Construction. “We are proud of each and every person who dedicated so much time getting the proper training and taking the extra steps to ensure that the work was being done in a safe and timely manner.” 

Métis N4 utilized the MMF’s Metis Employment and Training (MET) department to pre-train employees before working on the line, to better ensure the required knowledge and safety training was completed for everyone involved in the Project. MET runs the top Indigenous Skill and Employment Training program in Canada, which assists thousands of Red River Métis Citizens in furthering their education and strengthening their resume.