Metis N4 Construction Retrofits Work Camps into MMF Covid 19 Isolation and Food Storage Depots

Metis N4 Construction Chairman Jack Park announced that the Metis N4 work camps would be converted into MMF COVID 19 Isolation camps, and the two kitchens in the Treherne and Winnipegosis camps would be used to stockpile food should food supplies become restricted. Chairman Park stated, “in this extreme crisis we are pleased to make these camps available to any Metis Citizen who feels that they need a safe and secure place to self-isolate. These facilities are clean and sanitized following new COVID 19 protocols. The Treherne camp will provide facilities for Metis in southern parts of the province, while the Winnipegosis camp will service Metis in the north.

CEO Marc LeClair emphasized that the new COVID 19 protocols meet all regulatory requirements in Manitoba and Canada; he stated: “N4 management is fully engaged in ensuring that these camps operate according to all municipal, provincial and federal COVID 19 requirements, our management team is all in to protect our Metis citizens in Manitoba”. All future communications on these camps should be directed to the Manitoba Metis Federation.

Metis N4 Construction is working with Manitoba Hydro on the Manitoba-Minnesota Transmission Project (MMTP)

The project includes construction of a 500-kilovolt AC transmission line in southeastern Manitoba along with upgrades to the associated stations at Dorsey, Riel and Glenboro. The proposed route will begin at the Dorsey Converter Station, travel south around Winnipeg passing the Riel station (along the Southern Loop corridor), continue south to the Manitoba-Minnesota border and connect to the Great Northern Transmission Line (constructed by Minnesota Power). Subject to regulatory approvals the anticipated service date is in 2020.



Construction on the Line 3 Replacement Project has officially started

Metis N4 Construction and Metis Employment and Training worked together to refer more than 370 Indigenous citizens to mainline contractors for consideration of employment on the Line 3 Replacement Project. Hiring is expected to continue well into September. All recruitment is closed. However, Metis N4 and MET continues to work daily with Enbridge and the mainline contractors to ensure additional hires-providing individuals with skills upgrading and referrals for individual positions as they come up.

During the same time as the Pipeline 101 Training, Metis Employment and Training partnered with LiUNA and the Local 1258 Labourers Union

As a result of the negotiations between Metis N4 Construction and Enbridge, this partnership was established to deliver pipeline pre-employment training to Métis citizens. Training was made possible through the utilization of the Metis N4 Construction camp in Treherne, MB. This training is complete and resumes have been delivered to the mainline contractors.

Metis N4 Construction, Metis Employment and Training, and Enbridge partnered over the summer to provide Pipeline 101 Training to 46 Métis citizens

The training was designed to ensure all graduates would receive the certification and hands-on experience needed to secure employment with the upcoming Line 3 Replacement Project. Having finished all 4 deliveries of the Pipeline 101 Training program, the mainline contractors are now in possession of the graduates resumes. With the projects anticipated start date being early August, trainees should be expecting to receive phone calls in the coming weeks.

Province-Wide Recruitments

Metis N4 Construction along with Metis Employment and Training are currently coordinating province-wide recruitment activities for all Line 3 replacement initiatives. If interested email Metis Employment and training will determine eligibility. Recruitment is closed as of July 20, 2018.


Metis N4 Construction, Manitoba Metis Federation and Enbridge come to an agreement to hire Métis citizens

Metis N4 Construction along with the Manitoba Metis Federation and Enbridge came to an agreement to hire Métis citizens in all 3 project spreads within Manitoba of the Line 3 Replacement Project. Métis citizens will be recruited through Metis Employment and Training and will be referred directly to the Mainline Contractors who secure the contacts to commence work on each spread. A majority of the positions are anticipated to be in the following areas: Drivers-Class one and three; Heavy Equipment Operators and Labourers.

Metis N4 works with Enbridge in Line 3 Replacement Project

Feb. 6, 2018

Enbridge Multibillion-dollar Line 3 Replacement Program is the largest project in Enbridge history, which involves replacement of all remaining segments of Enbridge Line 3 pipeline between Hardisty, AB and Superior, WI, along with construction of associated facilities. The project involves replacing existing 34-inch-diameter pipe with 36-inch-diameter pipe from Hardisty to Gretna, MB, and Neche, ND, to Superior. The new Line 3 will comprise the newest & most advanced pipeline technology, and provide much needed incremental capacity to support Canadian crude oil production growth, as well as U.S. and Canadian refinery demand.


Project Plan

Through the project, Metis N4 will take 300KM pipeline installation and 5 pump stations, starting summer 2018. Meanwhile, we work with Enbridge, builders and subcontractors to ensure socio-economic requirement in the procurement process. A separate socio-economic plan will be required for Metis participation in relation to each of the three construction spreads in Manitoba. In addition to providing subcontracting opportunities for Metis controlled businesses, contractors are asked to identify potential project management roles for Metis personnel.


Project Schedule


Subcontract Opportunities