Metis N4 Construction Joint Venture to create IndEco

Sept. 2016

On Sept.1, 2016, Metis N4 Construction signed a historic Joint Venture Agreement with the Manitoba Metis Fedetation’s (MMF) construction arm and Beijing YIngdong Industial Ltd, a leading Chinese housing developer, to create IndEco and bring new innovative green technology to Canada, meeting the housing needs of Indigenous and norther communities. The joint venture agreement also includes the participation of JNE Consulting who will ensure the new housing products are engineered to Canadian housing standards.



By way of background, the Joint venture will bring light-weight steel housing frames to Canada together with highly durable fire retardant outer wall materials that have high R rated insolation values to tackle Canada’s cold temperatures.

Metis N4 Construction provided Forbes Bros. Ltd with camp solutions, for Biople III S1/S2 Section

Dec. 2016

Metis N4 Construction provided 77 men camp solution to Forbes Bros. Ltd on Dec.2016 in participating the Biople III S1 and S2 section. Also, N4 Construction delivered employment and training program, in order to provide more jobs as well as promote the provincial economy. On April 5, 2017, Metis N4 Construction, Forbes Bros. Ltd and Power line construction group presented matching sponsorship at the Manitoba Metis Heritage Fund Home Office. This sponsorship will help support to raise funds for upcoming educational program in Manitoba.

Métis N4 Construction is COR certificated

In April 2016, Métis N4 Construction Inc. receives COR ™ certification from Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM). COR ™ Certificate of Recognition shows Métis N4 Construction has developed and implemented a health and safety program, and has been evaluated by a certified auditor and meets provincial standards. This certificate is trademarked and nationally recognized by the participating members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations.

Metis N4 COR

Métis N4 Construction & Interlake Joint Venture win Bipole III C1 anchor and foundation contract

On November 27, 2015, Métis N4 Construction Inc. and Interlake Powerline Contractors Ltd (Forbes Bros. Ltd.) Joint Venture announced that they win Bipole III (C1 Section) anchor and foundation installation project. Both Métis N4 Construction and Metis N4 Construction agreed that this project would make more contributions to the Indigenous population in this province, provide more jobs and promote the provincial economy.