Metis N4 works with Enbridge in Line 3 Replacement Project

Feb. 6, 2018

Enbridge Multibillion-dollar Line 3 Replacement Program is the largest project in Enbridge history, which involves replacement of all remaining segments of Enbridge Line 3 pipeline between Hardisty, AB and Superior, WI, along with construction of associated facilities. The project involves replacing existing 34-inch-diameter pipe with 36-inch-diameter pipe from Hardisty to Gretna, MB, and Neche, ND, to Superior. The new Line 3 will comprise the newest & most advanced pipeline technology, and provide much needed incremental capacity to support Canadian crude oil production growth, as well as U.S. and Canadian refinery demand.


Project Plan

Through the project, Metis N4 will take 300KM pipeline installation and 5 pump stations, starting summer 2018. Meanwhile, we work with Enbridge, builders and subcontractors to ensure socio-economic requirement in the procurement process. A separate socio-economic plan will be required for Metis participation in relation to each of the three construction spreads in Manitoba. In addition to providing subcontracting opportunities for Metis controlled businesses, contractors are asked to identify potential project management roles for Metis personnel.


Project Schedule


Subcontract Opportunities