Métis N4 works with Enbridge in Line 3 Decommissioning Project

N4 Construction successfully completed the Line 3D Project – Isolation, Segmentation and Railway Fill (the “Project”) in partnership with Enbridge.  The Project saw the decommissioning of a large pipeline that has been used to transport oil from Edmonton to the United States. Métis N4 worked on the decommissioning of this pipeline from the Saskatchewan border […]

Construction on the Line 3 Replacement Project has officially started

Métis N4 Construction and Métis Employment and Training worked together to refer more than 370 Indigenous citizens to mainline contractors for consideration of employment on the Line 3 Replacement Project. Hiring is expected to continue well into September. All recruitment is closed. However, Métis N4 and MET continues to work daily with Enbridge and the […]

Métis N4 Construction, Métis Employment and Training, and Enbridge partnered over the summer to provide Pipeline 101 Training to 46 Métis citizens

The training was designed to ensure all graduates would receive the certification and hands-on experience needed to secure employment with the upcoming Line 3 Replacement Project. Having finished all 4 deliveries of the Pipeline 101 Training program, the mainline contractors are now in possession of the graduates resumes. With the projects anticipated start date being […]

Province-Wide Recruitments

Métis N4 Construction along with Métis Employment and Training are currently coordinating province-wide recruitment activities for all Line 3 replacement initiatives. If interested email metresumes@mmf.mb.ca. Métis Employment and training will determine eligibility. Recruitment is closed as of July 20, 2018.

Métis N4 works with Enbridge in Line 3 Replacement Project

Enbridge’s Multibillion-dollar project saw 218 Métis men and women trained through the Met secure high performance quality jobs on the largest project in the company’s history. The project strongly needs the support from Métis labor force to decommission its old pipeline still underground to secure the contract MMF N4 construction signed a joint venture with […]