Metis N4 Construction Chairman Jack Park announced that the Metis N4 work camps would be converted into MMF COVID 19 Isolation camps, and the two kitchens in the Treherne and Winnipegosis camps would be used to stockpile food should food supplies become restricted. Chairman Park stated, “in this extreme crisis we are pleased to make these camps available to any Metis Citizen who feels that they need a safe and secure place to self-isolate. These facilities are clean and sanitized following new COVID 19 protocols. The Treherne camp will provide facilities for Metis in southern parts of the province, while the Winnipegosis camp will service Metis in the north.

CEO Marc LeClair emphasized that the new COVID 19 protocols meet all regulatory requirements in Manitoba and Canada; he stated: “N4 management is fully engaged in ensuring that these camps operate according to all municipal, provincial and federal COVID 19 requirements, our management team is all in to protect our Metis citizens in Manitoba”. All future communications on these camps should be directed to the Manitoba Metis Federation.